the black crisis: what's the solution


the black community is in crisis. everyone knows it. president obama has pushed the department of justice to look at how black students are being disciplined and recently he met with leaders of several national organizations serving the black community to discuss how to partner for action to create change in the black community.

valerie jarrett, senior advisor to the White House and president and chair of the White House Council on Women and Girls, wrote an article on the meeting for Black Voices. in the article jarrett shares that the meeting occurred, and while I applaud the conversation, I need to know know outcomes. what did each organization leave with resolve to do in the next 30-60-90 days? what are the actionable steps that come next? one of the best parts of this article was:

the president will continue to work with Congress where they are able and willing to act, but meetings like this provide optimistic reminders that there remain other leaders in the country who can act right now -- to improve the economy, to ensure greater opportunity for all, and to keep this country moving in the right direction.

with that, I ask: what will we, the people do, to push our local and state leaders, faith organizations and ourselves to create change?

we have the juice.

we have the power to make things happen.

challenge: comment on this post with a solution to a current problem. I will compile the list of problems and suggested solutions and submit as a list of solutions for our leaders to investigate on our behalf. be sure to include the problem and include solutions that require our leaders to act and those that require the community to act. please share this post. we always have debates about what we would do or what should be done. now is your time to offer a solution.

use the hashtags #solution2014 #juicecrü

you have the juice. make them respect your voice, your vote and your community.