21st century black American culture: drunk & dependent


excuse me. i'm pissed at black Americans right now.  we are so busy turning up and seeking to be some #newelite (basically seeking approval from the white social elite) that we are killing our community. there is no hope and no unity. there's no sense of collective responsibility. we've lost the glue that's needed to change our circumstances. a few weeks back I sat with some women who run the Grier Heights Community Improvement Organization. our charge that day was to develop a strategic plan for their neighborhood. during our conversation we started talking about funding for their organization and I encouraged them to think about how to raise funds outside of membership dues from the homeowners. the work they wanted to do was going to need a larger funding source. that said, one of the ladies said - "I don't want a handout. I want us to be able to take care of our own like we used to." she said, "I want to give jobs and scholarships and pay for out people to open businesses like we used to in Grier Heights." today's reality is sad though. a good majority of our people don't even see this as a possibility. they are okay with waiting on someone to give them what they need. that could be a check or a job - a job that they stay faithful to and don't know how to live if they don't have.

I am also pretty pissed at those of us who have quote unquote made it. we are so busy trying to show off how cultured we are and how we are not like those dependent and lost souls that we disown them. we are too busy trying to assimilate into a culture that will never fully accept us or allow us to be great.

we have some of the most creative minds. we can build things with our hands. there is so much power that lies within us and we are too busy turning up (drunk) and waiting for someone to help or approve us worthy (dependent). that has become 21st century black American culture. we can change it though. actually, only we can change it. it will require sacrifice and working together. we've got the juice. now, let's use it to be great. strategies and next steps coming soon. #staytuned #juicecrü #ugotjuice