is kanye west a social justice fighter?


the first thing that comes to mind when most people think of kanye west is crazy. his antics today could possibly solidfy his position at number 1 on america's crazy list. while i can agree that kanye is sometimes out of order, i definitely respect his hustle as a social justice fighter. kanye gets it poppin when he really believes in something. case and point times 2:

1. george bush doesn't care about black people - you didn't have to agree with kanye to understand that he was advocating for the rights of a group of people. he was unapologetically standing up for what he believed in. he lost a lot by uttering those seven words.

2. i took the Confederate flag and made it my flag - recently kanye west showed up at barneys with a confederate flag on his jacket. he says he did it to remove the power it has. essentially, if we wear it and use it as fashion, we change the meaning and take the power out of it. it's much like what has been done with the n-word for some. not all will agree or subscribe to the philosophy, but kanye has again demonstrated his personal protest against something he finds vile.

sn: his response to the second of the two aforementioned events ... let's just say he needs to hire a real #pr team. kanye, call me.

regardless of how you feel about kanye, you have to respect that he will take a stand.

there are too many people who will allow injustice because they are afraid of the consequences. kanye wasn't. when asked about his comment he stood firm, and lived with the consequences of his actions.

we need more people willing to take a stand (shout out to phillip agnew and the dream defenders).

question: for what will you stand and fight? let me know by tweeting me @mizzbea2u and use the hashtag #stand4justice