rant: 21st century race relations realities

the recent shooting of an unarmed man, jonathan ferrell, in my hometown (where i still live) has the nation once again talking about race relations in our country.

while i'm glad we are finally bringing this much needed conversation to the national stage, the sobering reality is we are almost a day late and a dollar short. things are about to real, in a real way. why? because:

news flash no. 1 | the race problem in america has never left. those who have always felt marginalized and felt the pains and realities of race are tired. sick and tired. they are sick and tired of hearing about the new south aka a place where race was once an issue, but is not anymore.

newsflash no. 2 | the new south is really the old south disguised as well dressed black and white folk pretending there still aren't problems, seasoned with black folk who have made it and won't look back or reach back to help others for:

  1. fear of being recognized as black and/or
  2. being too damn judgmental to realize they could have just easily not made it (it was sacrifices of others that helped you ... #real rap).
  3. being too distracted by ass-shaking (aka twerking), titty popping and booze.

i'm on my angela davis power to the people, spike lee do the right thing ish.

#pr4socialjustice | i'm all about changing policies to help bring true justice for all and power to the people while simultaneously changing the people (WAKE UP!) at the same damn time!

but we should all be about the same thing. as a community, we should all be investing in bringing about equality and justice for all.

pr for social good | what does this look like? younger, less affluent leaders in key positions in our community organizations and elected roles. corporate social responsibility programs that invest deep and not wide.

if we all work together, maybe there won't be another jonathan ferrell.