what will $7.75 buy you?

on a recent sunday afternoon, my business partner and i sat in panera bread to talk shop. as we chatted, i noticed the receipt for her meal, which read $11.57. seeing it reminded me of the fast food workers who went on strike earlier in the week to protest their low wages. i realized looking at the receipt that it would take nearly two hours of work (before taxes) for the fast food workers to afford a meal from panera bread.

my thought at that moment: where they do that at?


clearly, in the united states of america.

if what has been published is correct, the income gap between the top 1 percent and remaining 99 percent is greater than it has been since the 1920's. american companies are recording profits in the trillions of dollars while the rest of us are left to make ends meet.

this has to stop and everyone has to do their part.

pr for social good | congress must close the gap by raising the minimum wage. we are supposed to be a government of the people for the people, but somewhere that got lost and we become a government for big business, special interests and the 1 percent.

pr for social good | our companies must choose people over profit.  it's socially responsible to pay your employees a livable wage.  pay people damnit!

pr 4 social justice | we must get educated and active in the political process. we must vote and use our collective power to create change. we have to realize that the #turnup has to include more than poppin bottles. in the words of tamar braxton #getcholife




p.s. i know some of you will want to judge the workers for being in a position to have to accept a low wage position. it's an honorable job and someone has to do it. whoever is in the position needs to be paid a living wage and $7.75 isn't a living wage. seven dollars and seventy-five cents an hour amounts to $310 a week (before taxes and health benefit deductions). that won't pay rent in most cities.