Build an army

We've talked about the power of partnerships before (see Make a mighty fist), but I wanted to remind you of their power.

The lesson. Alone you can do a little, with many you can do a lot. So, build an army by finding others with similary interests (see my rant on fellowshipping) and inviting them to your party.  Not a literal party, but invite them to be a part of your project. 

Example: If you are a blogger.  Invite others who share your expertise and interest to be guest bloggers on your site (provided they can put a few words and sentences together in a logical sequence).  They will provide intersting content (the stuff that good blogs are made of) and promote the site (they want people to see their work). You get additional content for the site and free promotion. Everyone is wins.

Speaking of which...anyone interested in contributing to a common sense PR blog?