Make a mighty fist

For years politicians and community activists have built partnerships to advance their political, social and civil causes. And they have been successful.

It was the power of the partnership between several leading civil rights organizations that lead to the defeat of Jim Crow laws. It took a unified women’s movement, through a partnership of several women’s organizations, to secure equality for women in the United States. More recently, the power of a united African American community sent Don Imus pounding the pavement in search of a new gig. Partnerships can be just as effective in the public relations industry.

Partnerships can help you:

  • Expand your reach
  • Increase your credibility and visibility
  • Maximize resources

The lesson. “One finger…don’t make no impact, but you ball up all them fingers into a mighty fist and you can strike a mighty blow.” ~Big Momma, Soul Food

Make a mighty fist and strike a blow by developing partnerships to reach your goals.