i write ... 

... when i get sick and tired of being sick in tired ... i write about a lot of stuff. i have written about social injustice, pr, media and their influence on the black community. probably some other stuff too, but here are a few writing samples.

social justice/media writing

was 14-year old bresha meadows standing her ground when she shot her father?

black women in social movements :: 5 history-making activists you should celebrate this month

is BET's programming bad for the black community?

for the LUV of black boys

what's the next wave of feminism? (guest contributor on WCCB News Rising)

malls are dying; can they be saved? (guest contributor on WCCB News Rising

t.i. proves rappers know Jesus too

public relations writing

why big business should ride with the hood

lessons from the schoolhouse

changing the face of corporate social responsibility

how do you say sorry?

my (old) blog

oh yeah, i did the blog thing once too.


oh, i tried the podcast thing too. it was called #thedamntruth. i may bring it back. Listen to past episodes.