what they are saying about bea


"You were the most popular person in the room (at Civic Leadership 101). You had a full table each time. Thank you for re -energizing the room with your presentation. You got them to laugh and got them engaged."

~ Lacey Williams, Program Manager, City of Charlotte Civic Leadership Academy

Your work is always provocative. Keep pushing the status quo!

~ Denise Watts, Area Superintendent, Project L.I.F.T.

She doesn't know this, but I stole her social justice fighter tagline shortly after I first met her. Brandi Bea Williams is just that, an ultra-committed change-maker who ignites the difficult conversations, identifies root causes and posits real solutions. Bea’s understanding of race relations and cultural norms in the South allow her to occupy the unique space where fact and opinion often collide. An initial session with Bea will be uncomfortable, but that’s where the growth begins to occur. Whether I’m planning a community-wide event aimed a bringing together a select, diverse group of residents, or crafting a campaign message for the masses, I look to Bea. Brandi “Bea” Williams will ask the questions you haven’t considered and provide you and your team with the expert advice that only comes from someone who has spent their life as a fighter for all the right reasons.

~ David Jessup, CEO, Digi-Bridge and Board member, Charlotte, World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers

Brandi is a dynamic and passionate PR and communication professional. She is a thoughtful planner and an inspired relationship builder with a gift for adding needed resources to any venture. She has the heart of a grassroots movement leader and the brain of a Fortune 500 executive. I count it an honor and a privilege to work with Brandi.
~ Christian Friend, Education Executive and Management Consultant

Before I met with be a my idea of marketing was to simply pay the radio for promotion and to promote with local newspapers and radio stations. She coached me to market to my current studio clientele. I took her advice and started promoting directly to my clientele using grassroots marketing. I cross promoted with different media, and created a strong social media presence. I did this in place of just paying for advertisement. Her approach helped me generate more business, and after five months sales have more than tripled. I can directly attribute my growing success to her recommendations.
~Josh White, Owner ChopHouze Studio 336

I have had the privilege of working with Brandi for a year and a half on the Crossroads Charlotte project. During that time I've found her to be passionate about civic engagement and dedicated to the highest work ethic. When Brandi is given something to do, you know without doubt that it will get done and it will be done well. She continually exceeded expectations and made the most difficult tasks seem effortless. I have no doubts that she will continue to succeed in whatever projects she undertakes. If you are looking for a well-connected public relations professional, look no further than Brandi Williams.
~Brant Aycock, Consultant at Mecklenburg Area Partnership for Primary Care Research

Brandi is a force! Her dedication to her craft is surpassed only by her commitment to the constituents she serves.  She finds unique and creative ways to tell their stories, building social capital among her audiences and subjects alike.  A true gem – Brandi is destined to become, if she has not already, one of the leading communications talents in her region.
~Kelly Rogers, Public Relations Professional, Melboure, FL

The mark of a top-rate PR practitioner is best characterized by their ability to deftly balance a genuine love for the craft with proven skill and creative sense. Brandi North-Williams personifies these qualities. Having worked alongside her, I can attest to her strategic vision, media savvy and resourcefulness. She gets it done and delivers bottom-line results – regardless the challenge or late hour. What I found most intriguing about Brandi's range is her ability to bridge traditional PR logic with innovative new media technology. More importantly, she accomplishes this while maintaining a firm grasp of PR 101: actively building and maintaining good relationships with her endearing smile and winning attitude.
~ Dell Jackson, Beaman Public Relations, Chicago and Baltimore

Brandi is the epitome of an expert communicator and public relations professional. Her strategic approach to media relations a community outreach is second to none.  To work with her on any project is a complete joy.
~Erik Burton, Profile Public Relations, Atlanta, GA

I was at dinner with one of my friends, who happens to be a reporter for the Observer, and we were swapping "war stories" about reporters and PR types.  The city came up, and she actually called you out by name as one of the best PR types the city has. She said not only do you come up with great, creative ideas, but you also are one of the most forthright and "transparent" of the city PR people when dealing with problems or controversial topics. That gives you very high marks in my friend's book.
~ Rebecca Anderson, Queens University, Charlotte, NC