Slay Like Bey Cohort is a series of branding classes offered for women of color who are launching a business, project or program; looking to take their business, project, or program to the next level; and/or who are trying to create a personal brand to help advance their career or personal ambitions. The six-week course teaches participants the fundamentals of building a brand, delivering on the brand promise and how to promote their brand using digital tools, including website, newsletter, text and social media. The six-week course includes the following classes ::

  • Slay Like Bey :: Parts I & II

    • Part I - During this class we examine Beyoncé’s career and use examples from her brand to help you determine things necessary to build your brand.

    • Slay Like Bey :: Part II - During this class we discuss branding overall and will work on your brand plan to align with the brand statement that you create. You will leave with the start of a branding plan for your business. You could get a full plan completed if you do the work before to really flesh out your idea and your brand statement.

  • Digital Media 101 :: This class will teach you how to leverage your brand on using digital platforms, including tips and tricks for reaching your audiences on a consistent basis. You will also learn about free online resources that can help you create memes, etc.

  • Website Design :: Using the Squarespace platform, you will learn how to create a website so that you brand will have an online presence outside of social media.

  • Consultation Day & Graduation :: Participants will spend time finalizing their brand plan, social media plans and getting feedback. We will also graduate.

Participants will leave six-week experience class with ::

  • A brand statement

  • A brand plan that includes how to carry the promise through operationally

  • A website

  • Digital media tools that can be used to help promote their brand

  • Sistafriends who will help you grow in business

Additionally participants will also receive :: 

  • Two hours of one-on-one phone consultation during the six-weeks. This can be scheduled in four 30 minute phone sessions or two one hour sessions.

  • Access to a private Facebook group that will offer information on branding on a consistent basis and allow participants to engage in conversation on branding and sharing with their cohort and other cohorts on their brands. The group will become a virtual support group where they can share business resources, etc.

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