Live Life In The Cloud 


Cost :: $50

Date :: April 7, 2018

Time :: 10:00 - 11 a.m.

Location :: Hygge Camp North End, 1824 Statesville Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28206

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Brand Bawse Presents :: Slay Like Bey

Beyoncé’s musical career is one for the record books - no like seriously. Beyoncé is royalty in almost any category you can name, and it is evidenced by who she’s viewed, talked about and how she comes back from scandal (think elevator fight, break-up rumors and 2016 Super Bowl backlash). She has been described as "the most important and compelling popular musician of the twenty-first century” by The New Yorker and named Artist of the Decade (almost a decade ago) by The Guardian

Bey’s brand is tougher than Teflon, but how did this 35-year old Houston, Texas native build a brand so strong? A strong team with an exceptional strategy. 

Learn the four steps Beyoncé used to #slay her brand and learn how to implement the same strategies to create your Bawse Brand.

Cost :: $50

Date :: April 21, 2018

Time :: 10:00 - 11 a.m.

Location :: Hygge Camp North End, 1824 Statesville Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28206


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Brand Bawse :: 10 Steps to Building a Strong Brand

Want to grow your business and establish yourself as a leader in your industry? 

You need a strong brand.

According to an article on, a website that serves as a small business resource center, the most profitable companies, small and large, have established themselves as a leader in their particular industry by building a strong brand.

Put your business in position to win with Brand Boss :: 10 Steps to Building a Strong Brand. During this 4-hour workshop you will ::

  • Learn the essential elements to strong brands
  • Create your brand statement that showcases your unique selling proposition and benefit to customers
  • Complete a brand plan for your business

 This workshop is perfect for solopreneurs and small business owners who want to build their businesses brand and individuals who are looking to create a personal brand.

Cost :: $50

Date :: April 28, 2018

Time :: 10:00 - 11 a.m.

Location :: Hygge Camp North End, 1824 Statesville Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28206

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About workshop presenter :: 

brandi williams, affectionately called bea, is an award-winning and Accredited public relations professional who has worked nearly two decades in non-profit, government and entertainment working with companies like The Coca-Cola Company; government agencies, including the US Department of Education and the City of Charlotte; and Grammy-Award winning singer Anthony Hamilton and NFL veteran Vonnie Holliday. these experiences have taught her how to create large impact with small budgets;  how to build strong brands to create business results; and how to use engagement to support brand growth. she has turned this knowledge into a series of workshops to help solopreneurs and small business owners learn how to build strong, engaging brands that meet specified goals.

career accomplishments ::

  • Created and executed a workshop series for parents to assist with developing the life skills needed to overcome poverty. More than 90 percent of parents attending rated the programs as good or excellent and said the program helped them create plans to move out of poverty. 
  • Single-­‐handedly developed and implemented the community outreach and communication strategy for Project L.I.F.T.’s 2013-­‐2014 school calendar recommendation, which included a controversial recommendation to modify the school year to a year-­‐round calendar. Organized community meetings to gather community feedback, counseled senior management on how to incorporate community input in the final decision, and on how to communicate the process externally and internally. The calendar recommendation passed by a unanimous vote of the Mecklenburg County Board of Education and with support from key community leaders, a first in recent history of Charlotte-­‐Mecklenburg Schools. 
  • Increased the number of black and Latino students who used the FAFSA form by 40 percent.  
  • Increased volunteer recruitment by 50 percent. 
  • Secured on 8 local media outlets with combined local reach of more than 1 million. 
  • Independently crafted and produced public relations strategy for the City of Charlotte to raise awareness of recycling and increase participation in the City of Charlotte’s recycling program. Strategy included several creative community-­‐based programs designed to reach goal, including the award-­‐winning campaign targeting the Latino community. The program resulted in a 12 percent increase in recycling in Charlotte’s Latino community.
  • Leveraged strong media relations to secure media placements for:
    • City of Charlotte (NC) Solid Waste Services. Crafted media relations plan that secured placements for City of Charlotte’s Solid Waste Services, which garnered a combined reach of more than 6 million (Charlotte and national media).
    • US Department of Education Federal Student Aid. Secured coverage of the FAFSA process in 8 local media outlets with a combined local (Charlotte) reach of more than 1 million.
    • Mayo Clinic, US News and World Report’s No. 1 rated hospital. Secured placements on the nationally-syndicated Russ Parr Morning Show and in publications and websites including, but not limited to, Essence Magazine, Upscale Magazine, BlackHealthMatters.Com,, and
    • DTLR, a Baltimore-based urban retail clothing store with 70 stores throughout the United States. Develop media strategy to support community outreach efforts.  Secured media placements in markets such as Tidewater area in Virginia, Chicago, Baltimore, Washington, DC, North Carolina, and Atlanta.
    • The Coca-Cola Company, a Fortune 100 company. Secured 38 media placements for The Coca-Cola Company, totaling more than 3.5 million media impressions. As a member of the Beaman, Inc. Public Relations Team, assisted with securing media coverage for The Coca-Cola Company’s involvement with, and sponsorship of, the 2007 CIAA Basketball Tournament.
  • Increased page views on websites managed by 53 percent in just four months and increased unique visitors by 101 percent. From 2011 - 2016 increased social media accounts by 97 percent using digital best practices.

awards & certifications::

  • 2017 SWANA Excellence Award in Innovation, Marketing and Education
  • 2010 PR Week Multi-­Cultural Marketing Campaign of the Year for UR Social Marketing Campaign
  • 2005 Best of Show Award; International Association of Business Communicators Charlotte for Meta Un Goool Reciclando
  • 2005 Silver Circle Award, 3CMA for Meta Un Goool Reciclando
  • 2004 Gold Crown Award, International Association of Business Communicators Charlotte Local Political Campaign