nue feminism

nue feminism challenges the belief that to be a feminist you have to hate men. a nue feminist actually aren't concerned with comparing themselves to men. they believe feminism is about the power of women. nue feminism is about women not seeing boundaries or limitations because they are women. it's about equity because we were all created equal and we have the right to determine our destiny. nue feminist also believe that we have the freedom to believe in gender roles, to shave our arms and legs and stay home and cook - if that is what we decide. our womanhood is no less because we serve our mate or subscribe to society's definition of traditional female roles.

feminism in action can look different for different people, but the foundation, the basic tenets of feminism, doesn't change. so, nue feminists also believe ::

  • it's about equality and equity. it's about understanding that women's rights and personhood are no less because they have a different body.
  • it is intersectional and inclusive. we will fight for the rights of those who are mistreated for any reason. we understand that our liberation is tied to that of others. it believes our liberation is directly linked to the liberation of the undocumented trans Latina yearning for refuge, the disabled student seeking unequivocal access, the single black mother looking for equal consideration as her white counterpart, and the sex worker fighting to make her living safely. 
  • it extends beyond ourselves. we are nurturers, caregivers and supports who understand that we must support other women.  

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