reality is better than imagination

Reality is much better than the imagination

I am a reality TV junkie.  My personal favorites are the shows that allow me to peek inside celebrities lives.  Every time a new celebrity gets a reality show I watch (current favorites are Fantasia for Real and Let's Talk About Pep). I watch because I, like many others, enjoy knowing I share common traits with celebrities.  Reality shows help me see what Lauryn Hill said years ago, "... reality is good. It means that everybody can exhale and let your belly out ….that is the blessing [to be able to] go around and say, 'oh you got one too.' And be free."

I dig that.

I like knowing that there are other women struggling with self-esteem issues. That I am not the only one with crazy family members or the only person trying to find balance and peace in this world.

I know I am not alone.  The ratings and tweets let me know others enjoy reality just like me. People want to see reality, not imagination.  They want to know that they aren't the only people going through the struggle.  Some part of everyone wants to know that their experiences are shared and in some crazy way watching reality television lets you know you are living in reality; you are not an outcast.

The lesson. Operate in reality.  Encourage your clients to open themselves up by:

  • Showing their audience them at their best
  • Showing their audience them at their worst
  • Showing their audience how to be true to self (R&B superstar Monica does this well. Check out this 2003 interview (below) on 20/20. In her words: "...Accept me for who I am ..."