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raynard jackson: quit stirring the pot!

news one recently reported a story on republican strategist raynard jackson. in the story they point out that jackson believes white women are helping black men more than black women. according to news one, jackson cites black women's faithful support of President Obama as the primary basis for his position.

while i think this is a pretty ridiculous barometer, i will have to agree with the underlying message that President Obama needs to do better and we (black women and black America) need to hold him (and all our leaders) accountable for doing better. i am doubtful that we will see him change his ways in relation to the policies that impact us before his term is out (doesn't mean we shouldn't try). our political leaders will not take a stand to help black folk alone. no one wants to be seen as an ally to black America.

act now for ladarius sapho [act now]

act now for ladarius sapho [act now]

ladarius sapho has the best grade point average at proviso east high school in maywood, illinois. his grades have earned him the top spot as the valedictorian, but he's being told he can't be valedictorian. last week ladarius and the school's salutatorian were told they didn't qualify to be the valedictorian or the salutatorian because of a district policy that says you have to have attended (not sure if it is the school or the district) for at least seven semesters. both transferred in as sophomores, making them one semester shy of the seven required.