giving back

corporate social responsibility should not be a brand campaign

"over the last 20 years, #CSR has not proven all that effective & certainly not enough to make #socialchange.”  

~ @svpcharlotte Twitter account

this begs the question why? why haven’t corporate social responsibility programs been effective at answering business questions and pushing social change?

CSR's move from a function of human resources to marketing has created a trend that is not good for business and doesn’t support social change. too often companies use their CSR programs as an extension of their branding and marketing efforts. they believe that having their name and logo attached to a cause will bolster business. it may, but the success of the program won’t be easily quantifiable. they won’t be able to measure the return on investment in a way that shows the impact on business or the community because they didn’t design their CSR program to create long-term, deep impact on their bottom line or community. this is what CSR should be about, giving deep for positive business results and to push social change. to accomplish this companies should:

  • align their charitable giving with their business goals.
  • partner and collaborate with other for-profit companies and non-profit organizations to address community need.
  • develop a sustainable, long-term funding model to provide continuous support for the community.
  • be consistent to build brand loyalty.

BeABlesson: Help Raise A Boy To Be A Man

If you believe what you see on television about black men. If you believe what you read on the Internet about black men. And if you believe what you may have witnessed and seen with your own eyes about black men then you may believe they are a lost cause.

I don't believe any of it.

I believe in black men.

And more than believe in them, I am supporting them.

I have chosen to help the Emerging Leaders Mentoring Program raise money to help raise our boys to be young men.

The Emerging Leaders Mentorship Program (ELMP) for Black Males is a year-round program that prepares black male youth to be leaders in their homes, schools, communities, and future professions. Using a proactive and holistic approach to addressing the mental, physical, and spiritual needs unique to black male youth, ELMP engages members in a three-phase of leadership development program that requires year-round participation until they graduate from high school. Learn more about the 3 phases.

And please consider making a donation.

Your donation will help raise a boy to be a man.  Your donation will keep the statistics from coming true.  Your donation will help build our nation.