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The Lesson "Her Heart" teaches us

I love Anthony Hamilton's song "Her Heart." It is an emotional song where a man admits that he has habitually messed up in his relationship, but the hurt he sees in his lover's eyes helped him turn things around.

The thing I find most beautiful about the song is the man's honesty:

I had a habit of messing up
Staying out late and getting drunk
I let you down a thousand times
Broken promises
it´s like I ran away from you
My career was my excuse
Until I saw you 'bout to
drown in your own tears

And as you cried in my arms
You woke up my heart
And I saw again what I found in you
Cuz her heart, her heart wont let me lose her
No matter how I try
I just can´t say goodbye and lose her

The lesson: At all costs, be honest. Many times public relations professionals are called in to fix problems or are asked to stretch the truth to help a client.  Our position should always be one of honesty.  We should expect that from our clients and encourage them to be honest at all times.

Maestro Knows - Episode 7 (South Africa) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.


This is a video from Anthony Hamilton's first trip to South Africa.  It's a powerful piece. Pay attention to the honest emotion he gives during his performance of "Her Heart."


Honesty - here it is again.

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