Brandi Williams

#pr is more than publicity

if you believe what you see on television and on social media, you would believe that public relations is all about a party and securing media coverage.

news flash: there's more to #pr than partying and media coverage.

why are you getting excited about those one-time hits? that isn't sustainable.

instead of seeking your :15 seconds of fame during your album or product release or once every few blue moons in the media, opt for a strategic #pr plan that builds your brand and deepens brand loyalty.

just like true health starts with a lifestyle change, true #pr starts with organizational change that is deeper than a campaign or publicity.

think about this: what does your brand say about you when there is no campaign and when no one is watching?

why big business should ride with the hood

next week vanity fair will release an interview with music mogul jay-z that illustrates the connection between the streets and the suites.

during the interview jay-z shares how his time as a street hustler helped him climb to the top of the media industry.

big business can take a lesson from jay-z by learning about the hood and using that to help build a strong business.

black buying power is expected to reach $1.1 trillion by 2015. recognizing the buying power of the black and brown communities, many companies are creating targeted
ad campaigns to capture a piece of this market, but are they doing it well?