sick and tired of being sick and tired

it has been said that you sometimes have to create what you want to be a part of.

i did just that.

i was tired of seeing our community hurting. i was tired of seeing the wasted intelligence and energy. i was tired of watching our families die because we have lost the kings of our communities. i was tired; so, i created the juice crü, a lifestyle-based advocacy movement dedicated to creating the next generation of civil and human rights leaders.

we are changing the face of the movement. it won't look like middle class folk marching and boycotting (no disrespect intended). our movement will include those who were educated by the school of hard knocks and those educated in the ivory towers of the universities (and everything in between).

we will leverage our individual and collective power to rebuild our communities, create an economy in our community that circulates our dollars and change policy. we will rebuild our black men, black families and build self-sufficiency.

we launch July 2, 2014.

stay informed by joining our mailing list.

will you join us? are you crü? share this message and stay tuned. #ugotjuice #juicecrü