no more campaigns

the wnba announced they will launch a campaign specifically targeted for the lbgt community. this news is significant to me for two main reasons:

1. it's historic. the lbgt community has demonstrated their political and social power. they are an important political block and the wnba has recognized this. the wnba is one of the first national organizations to recognize and honor the power in this block. sn: we will take a look at their power and how it was built soon. 

2. it sets the precedent for other national organizations. there is always one largely respected organization that takes the lead in addressing important civil and him a rights issues. while some would argue the wnba isn't that large or respected, it will being to get companies to think about the power in this block and how to leverage their social capital.  

while I do i support the wbna's effort I have an issue with the implementation choice. i believe this effort needs be more than a campaign. i am actually in favor if getting rid of campaigns in our business (marketing and public relations) and replacing them with organizational and operational change efforts.  

campaigns last for a moment. you build a connection with the audience and in most cases companies only retain a small percentage of loyalty to the organization because once the campaign is over, so is the care and attention to that audience segment. 

much like we can't diet and expect results, we can't implement short- term campaigns and expect results. organizations need to make the campaign principles a part of the organization's fabric.  to do this, they must make deep organizational and operational changes to ensure real impact. this will ensure the organization is fully meeting the needs of the target audience by giving them a memorable experience that brings them back time after time. that is how true loyalty is built.