"Who Do We Think We Are?"

One of my favorite songs right now is "Who Do We Think We Are?" by John Legend featuring Rick Ross.

I like the song because I believe as it has several messages in the song that relate to the work of public relations professionals and community advocates.

In the opening we are asked, "When was the last
time you got 100 percent real?" We are then told, "I don't want you to
hold nothing back."

As PR professionals our job is to build relationships that will support the accomplishment of goals. Being honest, authentic and transparent - aka being real - is the only way to develop these types of relationships.

When I think about the work that community advocates do everyday, the only way to achieve success is in being real - being real with yourself about your true intentions and being real with others about their strengths, weaknesses and potential. As a collective group social justice fighters have to be real to be effective.

People respect real.

Think about that today as you work. How can you [we] get 100 percent real? How will that help us achieve our goal?

The other question raised is - who do we think we are? Who do we think we are that we think we can change the world?

My thought? We are exactly the right people for the job!

Enjoy the song.