Brand Bit: Building Your #Clique

It's obvious that the team around the new Tuesday night Atlanta hotspot knew exactly who they were targeting and what it would take to create a brand that would lead that group directly to them.

From the looks of the #clique campaign they launched on Instagram, the creators wanted to produce a Tuesday night event for cool people. This event isn't just a group of individuals who show up alone, but a place where groups of friends gather to engage and enjoy a night of frolicking, fun and possibly some occasional,foolishness. It's the sexy people. The well-dressed cliques that in some circles would be called legends and those younger than legend types that have the social capital to one day become legends themselves.

So, with pictures that expressed these things, and a few short photo captions, they were able to convey the feeling and create a brand.

It started with a great concept. Concept alone doesn't create a great brand. Execution is everything.

b'lesson: Knowing your audience will lead to successful implementation. When creating your brand you must have a strong foundation. Your foundation rests on a clear understanding of the feeling and experience you want to create for your audience. Successfully turning that brand concept into achieved business and organizational goals requires careful thought and execution. When planning the launch of your brand you must pull the brand promise and experience through each aspect of your launch and every subsequent action moving forward. You have to know your audience well enough to know what pictures, phrases and places will generate an emotional connection. After all, a brand is 90 percent (or more) about an emotional connection with a product or service.

Check out the Instagram campaign - @mycliqueathalo, @atlpics