Building a passionate team

In a recent interview with ET's Kevin Frazier Tito Jackson was asked if Michael had a group of enablers around him.  He responded, "Some people care more about their jobs than they do about people's health."

So, true.  Celebrities in particular have to be very discerning when building their team. While I don't think many would point to Buffalo Bills' wide receiver Terrell Owens as a positive example of many things, he did a great job when choosing his PR team.

I've been following Terrell's show since it began a few weeks ago and from the beginning his publicists - Mo and Kita - have had a huge impact on the show.  They are always there to offer Terrell advice - even when he doesn't ask for it.  I will be the first to admit that they can be a bit annoying, but they are offering the advice from a professional and personal place.  And that is key.

When building your team you have to choose people that have a personal interest in you; people that have your back and will tell you the truth at all times. 

The lesson. When building your team look for professionals knowledgable in their area of expertise and passionate about you, your organization and the work you are doing.  You want someone that is unafraid to call you to the carpet and offer great counsel. Maybe if Michael had used that formula he would still be here today.