Shameless Plug

This post is not like any other, but since I am always talking about the power of new media...grassroots promotion...I thought I should shut up and show you.

I was recently responding to a LinkedIn request and took a few minutes to search my contacts' contacts.  In doing that I ran up on a profile of one Felicia Pride.  I took a few minutes to learn more about Felicia and found that we had a few things in common.  I asked my contact (shout out to Chauncie) to introduce me.  While I was waiting on the introduction, I ordered Felicia's book - The Message: 100 Life Lessons from Hip Hop's Greatest Songs

I started reading it this week and it is DA BOMB!  You gotta cop a won't regret it.

After you get your copy, come back and share your favorite songs/lessons from the book.  I will start.

My favs so far:

  • Not Enough
  • I'm Bad
  • Liberation
  • It Takes Two

Now, you gotta get the book because I know you want to know more!