On the Way to the White House

Barack Obama may be running for president of the United States of America.  According to Susan Milligan of the Boston Globe "...Obama drew enthusiastic support from Democrats eager for a new face in a field crowded with campaign veterans."  And early results show that voters may be supportive of the candidate who hasn't laid out an agenda, but frequently calls for "a new kind of politics."  But there are naysayers.  Some suggest that Obama's presidential run could be career suicide.  They believe that W's successor will have a lot of baggage to deal with that will lead to a poor presidential run - no matter who the final candidate. There is a bit of historical precedent to support that assertion.  Others think that he hasn't been in Washington long enough to consider the presidency.  Then there are those that think that he will have to go through the microscope during his campaign run, because he hasn't had true scrutiny yet, that will hurt his chances of being able to run the race to the end.  Those are the political views.
Here's a PR perspective. Obama is hot right now.  He knows how to interview.  He is personable.  He is sincere.  He has charisma, without being charismatic (and there is a difference).  All of these things make for a great client and they give him the thumbs up with the public.  What they don't do is speak to his decision-making skills.
Obama and his staff should define his agenda.  Tell us what "a new kind of politics" looks like in simple, American English.  Don't bash the past, promote the future.  And promote it heavily.  Put Obama out there with his agenda. Let his personality take the lead, but be sure to have your crisis plan ready to execute because the scrutiny and mudsligging are sure to follow him along his journey to the White House.
If you were representing him what would you do?