The Perfect Brand: Classic Simplicity with a bit of Emotion

Mercedes, Ralph Lauren and Lexus have mastered branding.  Yes, they have a long history in their perspective markets, but longevity is  not the key to their successes.  What is?  These companies have brand managers that undersatnd that the best brands are classic and simple, and they connect with customers' emotions and desires.

The lesson. Companies seeking longevity and top market share should create brands that are classic, simple and connect with customers' emotions.

Classic - Classic brands are timeless and appeal to people at all levels.  They do not follow the fads and trends of any one era. Classic brands stand the test of time, connect with generations.

Simplicity - Wikipedia defines simplicity as the property, condition, or quality of being simple or un-combined. It often connotes beauty. Simple things are usually easier to explain and understand than complex ones. Brands should be just that...easy to understand and explain...simple.

Emotional - Most successful brands create feelings of power, respect, honor, prestige or other desirable emotions in customers.  Make your brand emotional.