#GiveOnThe15th To Redefine Philanthropy In Communities of Color

Digital giving movement is designed to use one day per month and collective power to increase giving to programs that directly impact black America

CHARLOTTE, NC - (October 7, 2014) According to W.K. Kellogg Foundation & Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors nearly two-thirds of black households make charitable donations, totaling  about $11 billion a year. That’s impressive, but where does the money go? If the state of black America, which is riddled with crime, high unemployment rates and low academic achievement, are indicators, we can firmly state these dollars aren’t directly impacting the black community.

It was this awareness that prompted Jenifer Daniels, MA, APR and Brandi N. Williams, APR - public relations professionals based in Charlotte - to launch #giveonthe15th, a digital giving movement for communities of color.

The idea is simple: use one day per month and our collective power to drive a new movement in digital giving. The goal: to redefine the face of philanthropy.

Here’s how it works:

  • Participants choose. They choose the organization. They choose the amount.

  • Participants give. They make their donation each month on the 15th to the selected organization or organizations.

  • Participants encourage others to do the same. They share their giving and encourage others to give using the hashtag #giveonthe15th.

The movement was inspired by a message titled “What Does Community Have To Do With It?” delivered by Dr. Emmett Carson during 2014 Black Philanthropy Month community discussion sponsored by the NGAAP Charlotte.

“As I listened to Dr. Carson recount our history of giving, offer a state of the black community reality check, and discuss the wealth in the black community, I thought there is no reason we should have these issues,” said Williams. “My next thought was how do we change this? How can I have an impact? Jenifer and I began to talk and #giveonthe15th was born."

Daniels adds: “We have two main objectives - to spread a message of giving and make giving a habit for communities of color. We want create a sense of intentionality about giving back to programs that directly impact communities of color.”

Join the movement at www.giveonthe15th.com and spread the message using the hashtag #giveonthe15th.